Far Cry 5's Darkly Amusing Teaser Trailers Reveal the Murderous Underbelly of Idyllic Montana

By Matt Wales on at

It's been long rumoured, but Ubisoft has finally confirmed that the fifth instalment in its frenetic Far Cry series will be unravelling in the idyllic American state of Montana.

That's practically all we do know right now, however, with Ubisoft promising that more information will be revealed this Friday, May 26th. Until then, we've got four brief—but darkly humorous—teaser trailers to tide us over, each one giving us the tiniest glimpse of the violence likely to underpin Far Cry 5's almost inevitably open world action, tucked away amongst the picturesque scenery.

Up until now, Far Cry has generally favoured more exotic climates; the first game occurred in Micronesia, the second in Africa, the third in the Pacific islands, and the series' most recent entry took to the Himalayas. We should have a better idea of how Far Cry 5's action will play out in its more familiar setting soon.