Fan-Made Tribute Takes Nintendo Switch Skydiving (UPDATED)

By Rich Stanton on at

Youtube user Юзя recently posted a 'short action film' about the Nintendo Switch, made by Valera Boluchevsky & Richard Chirkin. Called Banana Switch, it follows a few folk as they take Switch outside, play around with it, and somehow end up skydiving with the damn thing.

There's a lot to love in this video, not least the sense that Nintendo has created a piece of hardware that genuinely excites people. Banana Switch is almost a better advert for the console than the official ones. Thanks to this, and communication in the short being only via Diddy Kong ooks, my more cynical side initially wondered if it might be gorilla marketing.

That's me being a misery guts, however, because the truth is I feel the same way about Switch. It's a near-constant companion when travelling anywhere, a blissful portal into Hyrule late at night, a Mario Kart machine when everyone else is online, and I just love the clicky-clacky feel of messing around with the hardware. Switch is such a departure from the rest of the industry that it still feels fresh.

In fact, I kind of wonder if that's the joke here. People often complain about online-only features with games, particularly mobile, citing the example of travelling by plane and being locked out for the journey. I've never especially cared for the argument, but there you are. Switch doesn't just handle air travel. You can take this bad boy skydiving while playing Breath of the Wild.


UPDATE: It turns out Banana Switch is a LIE. Or to be more specific, it looks like someone took a Switch skydiving, but added the game footage playing on the screen in afterwards. Which makes total sense when you think about it, but eh. A doff of the cap to noble twitterer @lordmjralu for pointing out that our very own gif showed this in action.