Splatoon 2 Is Getting A 'Game Card Free' Package Version In Japan

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Nintendo has announced three different retail versions of Splatoon 2 for Japan. The download version comes with a game case, but no game card.

According to Nintendo, there is a standard Splatoon 2 package version, which comes with the game case and the game card. Then, there is the Splatoon 2 download version, which will look something like this and contain a download code:

There's also a third type that Nintendo is calling "Splatoon 2 Game Card Free Version". This comes in the same game case as the package version, but instead of a game card, it contains a download code:

z9enf7txrxvotn3g04cg[Image: Nintendo]

Nintendo says this is recommended for players who don't want the physical card, but do want the game case.

All three versions are priced the same in Japan: ¥6458 (£44.52).

Looking at the Japanese My Nintendo Store, none of the other Switch titles have this "Game Free Version". We wonder if Nintendo will ever decide to roll-out these somewhat strange boxed digital editions in the UK.