GAME's Elite Membership Increases Your Reward Points Earnings

By Julian Benson on at

GAME has announced that it is starting a new Elite members package that will award customers more reward points on purchases, points that can later be used to get money off other purchases.

If you have one of GAME's free reward cards then you earn points on every purchase and trade in, 2% on a purchase, 1% on a trade-in. 1 point for every £0.125 you spend. So a £10 purchase nets you 80 points. Collect 400 points and you get £1 off the price of whatever it is your buying.

However, if you were to buy a membership at £33 for a year's membership, then you get 10% points back on all physical games, merchandise and accessories, 4% back on all consoles, PC, VR, phones and tablets and 2% points on trade-in and digital purchases. If you buy most of your games at GAME then you're suddenly looking at a much faster way to accrue points, which will mean discounts down the line.

The £33 price tag is only available until the end of June, at which point it becomes £36.