Sentient Switches Have Started Taking Screen Captures on Their Own

By Matt Wales on at

A funny thing happened to me and my Switch over the weekend. There I was, happily enjoying some Minecraft from the comfort of my duvet, when *click*, my beloved portable console took a screenshot entirely of its own volition. That's odd I thought, *click* *click* *click* said my Switch in response.

It's been merrily clicking away intermittently ever since, even waking itself up in the dock to *click* take *click* another *click* couple of screenshots - sometimes one an hour, sometimes 20 in rapid succession. And it turns out that I'm not the only one experiencing this bizarre phenomenon. Over on the Nintendo Switch reddit, there's an entire thread dedicated to people with possibly sentient snap-happy Switches.


Many are noting that the problem only began after installing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (which came out on Friday), and this tallies with my experience too. Some users, however, claim to have experienced the issue without owning the game, and it seems to persist even when Minecraft isn't running. Right now, I've got a dozen random shots of Disgaea 5 sitting merrily in my Switch's album menu.

We've contacted both Nintendo and Mojang to find out what the hell is making Nintendo Switches so eager to record our play sessions for prosperity, and will hopefully have some kind of response soon. In the meantime, I've got another couple of hundred screenshots to delete so bear with me.