Stompy Mech Strategy Game Battletech Picks Up a Publisher

By Julian Benson on at

Battletech, the turn-based mech strategy game from the folks over at Harebrained Schemes, will now be published by Paradox Interactive, further proving the publisher can't see a strategy-flavoured pie it won't try to plunge its fingers into.

Due out later this year, Battletech is high up on my list of most anticipated games. I've been in love with the series ever since I stumbled across Mechwarrior 2 in WH Smiths years and years ago, and few Mechwarrior games have been better than Mechcommander, the turn-based take on the series.

Battletech picks up where that series was left to languish. Of course, the Mechwarrior series started life as a turn-based tabletop wargame, also called Battletech, though I've only ever been hooked on its digital legacy. Harebrained Schemes (which was founded by Jordan Weisman, one of the Battletech tabletop game's creators) is making something more in spirit the tabletop game, incorporating many of the more complex and nuanced rules that never made it into the video games, like being able to punch a mech to death:


Along with the announcement of a new publisher is a new trailer:

Battletech is due out this year, but there isn't word on an actual release date yet.