A Day of Free Workshops for Women Wanting to Get into the Games Industry

By Julian Benson on at

Despite there basically being an even split on gender when it comes to game players, women make up less than a quarter of the people working in the games industry. In light of that, developer Gram Games has organised a set of workshops aiming to challenge gender bias and offer discussion on training for and getting into the games industry.

These workshops are free and will feature speakers from Gram games, UKIE, Unity, and other gaming organisations. According to the press release announcing the workshops on May 22nd: "The activities during the day look to address and tackle what is at the core of the 22% project - a piece of research which found that despite nearly half of gamers being women (48%), less than one quarter (22%) are gaming professionals. The 22% figure is based on the 2016 results of the IGDA's annual Developer Satisfaction Survey."

You can read more about the event and claim tickets here.