Payday 2 is Pulling All its DLC from Steam, Future DLC Will be Free

By Julian Benson on at

Payday 2's developer, Overkill, has made the decision to pull all its separate DLC from Steam and instead sell a single edition of the game: Payday 2: Ultimate Edition. This single edition will bundle in all the bits of DLC released so far, and all future releases will be free additions to this single version of the game.

The Ultimate Edition will be released on June 8th. From now until then, all DLC will be 85% off. After that it will be pulled from the store. There will also be an Ultimate Edition upgrade option on sale if you don't pick up the DLC between now and June 8th.

According to Overkill, there are three reasons for this:

There are three motives behind this: the first is to say Thank You to all our current players who have purchased the base game and any DLC by offering an opportunity to buy the remaining content for an all-time high discount of 85%. The second motive is to consolidate the store page and offer an easy way for new players to get into the game. As of now, if someone would purchase the base game and all DLC, said person will have to pay over 200 dollars and purchase around 40 products to get the ultimate PAYDAY 2 experience. We want to make that easier for new players at an affordable price. The third motive is to try something new - only when we dare to do something different, we offer ourselves an opportunity to learn more. If the community reacts positively to the changes we make, we have succeeded. If the general community sentiment is negative we have failed. If we fail, we will investigate why and try our best to amend that mistake. We have the privilege of having a community that supports us because they understand that we sometimes will need to try new things. So thank you again to our community for supporting us.

Along with this news, Overkill also announced plans to extend the games support from the end of this year to October 2018.