Absolver Lets You Build a Fighter Like a Deck of Cards

By Julian Benson on at

Absolver is a game all about defining your own fighter. It's a third-person action game where, as you complete quests and explore the world, you'll discover and learn new fighting moves that you can slot in and out of your active roster.

You can learn more about it in the combat video:

When you start the game you'll have access to three different move sets: Forsaken, Kahlt, and Windfall.

The first, Forsaken, is a move set built around parries, blocking the enemy attacks and hitting them with a minor stun. Kahlt is a move set that absorbs your enemy's attacks, healing you if you time the counters right. Windfall is about dodging attacks and side-stepping your opponent to hit them unguarded.

At any time your character can be in one of four stances, each representing the way your character is facing their opponent, and each stance makes different moves possible. Sometimes your move will transition you from one stance to another, letting you chain together moves in a variety of stances.

giphy (3)

In the fight deck you can load each stance with different attacks:

giphy (4)

You learn attacks by successfully blocking incoming attacks a number of times and by allying yourself with a mentor. Following and helping them in the world will gain you new skills.

The trailer is well worth a watch and also reveals the August 29th release date on PC and PlayStation.