A Closer Look at Total War: Warhammer's Lizardmen

By Julian Benson on at

Total War: Warhammer is creeping towards becoming the all-encompassing Warhammer dream, with new armies regularly being thrown into the mix. With Total War: Warhammer 2, four new races are being released at once - High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen, and ???? (fingers crossed it's Skaven). The reveal trailer quickly scanned over the three announced races but today's video goes up close with the gorgeously green Lizardmen:

The thing that struck me about the first game, that remains true of the sequel, is how well Creative Assembly's artists have brought the tabletop models to life. Warhammer figurines are frozen in a moment of movement, it's what gives character and personality to the plastic models, but the way they move in Total War: Warhammer feels like the natural extension of that original figurine. Lizardmen were the first army I collected when I got into Warhammer years ago and everything about the way the units move in the trailer just feels right.

There's also a bunch of screenshots which are well worth a look:





It's a grand trailer, though a tighter focus on some Saurus warriors would be much appreciated. They are, after all, the business: