Vanquish Remaster Coming to PC, SEGA Wasn't Teasing EU Farming Directive

By Julian Benson on at

Update: What do you know it was a PC remaster and not something to do with farming:

Original post: For the last few days SEGA has been teasing an announcement concerning Platinum Games' Vanquish, likely a remaster for PC. It started with a Vanquish avatar hidden in a folder in the directory of the recently released Bayonetta. Then SEGA tweeted these images:

Now, the internet has jumped to the conclusion that this means Vanquish will be re-released on May 25th, 2017, or that the remaster will be announced then.

But I think there's more to this breadcrumb trail. 2017, 5, 25, or 2017525. Google that and I found it's a reference number to a decision letter stored in the EU Commission's archives concerning an amendment to a rural development programme taking place between 2014 and 2020.

I don't know what this means but we should see how deep this rabbit hole goes.