World's Biggest Tractor Comes to Farming Simulator

By Julian Benson on at

The world's biggest tractor, the Big Bud 747, is coming to Farming Simulator. Now, you may be thinking just how big is a Big Bud 747, I mean tractors are already pretty big. Well:


That's a tractor using a lorry for scale.

Let's hope that the beast comes in peace and doesn't bring with it a rage born from servitude, lest our farms be crushed beneath its car-sized wheels and our homes tilled by its 25-metre wide ploughs.

The Big Bud DLC adds not just the 747, but also its smaller Big Bud 450 brother and 12 bits of giant farming equipment that fit these behemoths. We must pray, too, that the 747 isn't a paternal animal, more likely to rage against our homesteads in an act of protecting the weaker, more vulnerable 450s.

Look on it in fear:

Farming_Simulator_17-Big Bud-Screenshot_04_LOGO

Farming_Simulator_17-Big Bud-Screenshot_05_LOGO

Farming_Simulator_17-Big Bud-Screenshot_06_LOGO

Farming_Simulator_17-Big Bud-Screenshot_02_LOGO