Rare PlayStation Console Styled After Irish Formula One Team Turns up on eBay

By Julian Benson on at

If you're in the market for an original PlayStation that screams 'I love Irish Formula One' then you may want to take a gander at this eBay listing:

2017-05-08 11_48_40-The Rarest Playstation 1 Console In The World - PS Formula 1 Team Jordan _ eBay

Styled after the now defunct Formula One team Team Jordan, this is one of ten custom PlayStation consoles given away in a competition in the '90s. Team Jordan was a team that was active between 1991 and 2005 before eventually being sold and transformed into Force India.

The whole console has been painted, so it's not a simple slap on decal job. To get a better picture of the console's story and stand out details you should watch this video of the ten machines shown off back in 2013:

Unlike the console in the video above, the one on sale at the moment doesn't come with a box and has been played - it was the seller's machine when they were growing up.

Still, if you're looking for an odd piece of PlayStation history, it's worth taking a look.