Ready or Not is Aiming at SWAT 4's Crown

By Julian Benson on at

Ready or Not's reveal trailer shows off a game that teases at my tactical shooter heart strings. The game puts you in the boots of a SWAT team and has you kick down doors, clear rooms, and save hostages.

The trailer goes down the more atmospheric than descriptive route but it's worth a watch:

According to the trailer blurb, the game is "set in a nondescript modern America, where an income disparity between the classes have become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. Bring order to chaos with up to 8 players in cooperative play, battle enemy squads in a close player-vs-player environment, or command AI in a striking single-player mode."

Eight-player co-op suggests quite large levels and the need to split into multiple teams, it's certainly more than SWAT and Rainbow Six offered.

There are a lot more details going into the nitty gritty of Ready or Not on its website. There's talk of incremental leans and door opening, precise armour collision detection, bullet penetration, and a massive selection of items.

It certainly sounds like it aims to do this right.