Amazon is Shutting Down its Spotify-Style Game Service

By Julian Benson on at

Amazon has announced that it is shutting down Amazon Underground Actually Free, its app service for Android phones that let you play a tonne of games for free. Submissions for new games is closing later this month and Amazon says all support for the shop will discontinue in 2019.

Amazon started Underground Actually Free in August 2015. It worked a little buit like Spotify, in that you could install the app and gain access to a massive library of games, all of which you could play for free. For every minute you spent in the game, Amazon would pay the developer $0.0002. Amazon made money by serving players ads in the games.

"While we will continue to expand the Amazon Appstore experience, we have decided to discontinue the Underground Actually Free program," Amazon's Becky Young wrote in the blog post announcing Underground's closure. "All support for the program will end in 2019. Until then, current Fire tablet customers can continue to enjoy previously installed Underground apps and access the Underground Actually Free store. Fire tablet access to the Underground store will not extend beyond currently supported devices. Access to the Underground Actually Free store through Amazon’s Appstore for Android devices will end in summer 2017."