Persona 5's Soundtrack is Getting a Whopping 6-Disc Limited Edition Vinyl Release

By Matt Wales on at

If there are two certainties when it comes to Persona 5, it's that it looks great and sounds great. In fact, Persona 5's occasionally acid-jazz-inspired soundtrack (composed by Shoji Meguro, Toshiki Konishi and Atsushi Kitajoh) is a real highlight, doing an huge amount of heavy lifting when it comes to setting the game's ever-so-slightly seedy, sexy mood.

If you're in the market for a copy of the soundtrack (so you can add a spot of pizzazz to your boring, everyday chores), and you like your vaguely retro music in as retro a form as possible, iam8bit has you covered. The company has just announced that it's releasing two vinyl versions of the Persona 5 soundtrack (one standard, one limited edition) which can be pre-ordered today.

The standard version (which will set you back a not-insubstantial $100, or approximately £77) comes on four vinyl discs and features a selection of tracks culled from Persona 5's 110-strong roster, as curated by Atlas' sound team. The limited edition, meanwhile, contains all 110 tracks split across six discs, but is priced at a whopping $175 (approximately £135). That might be just about justifiable if it looks extremely fancy but iam8bit is sadly yet to reveal the packaging.

If you're hoping to find a cheaper physical version of the soundtrack somewhere, Amazon also tells me that there's an import CD version available for a marginally less wallet draining £57. That will get you three CDs and all 110 tracks featured in the game. You can also get a full digital version of the soundtrack on iTunes in the US which will cost a more reasonable $29.99 (£23). Sadly, a quick glance at iTunes' UK catalogue reveals that Atlas hasn't bothered to release it over here.