There's a Cheat Code That Turns Planet Coaster into a Mini Racer

By Matt Wales on at

Frontier is currently in the throes of spilling some fun little Planet Coaster secrets, and has revealed a nifty trick that lets players hop into the game's recently added go-karts, floor the pedal and careen around wherever they choose.

This isn't to be confused with the standard on-ride first-person view, of course, which merely lets you passively watch your visitors take the wheel; no, here you're able to race around the track as if you were Grant Turismo himself, although sadly you can't go outside of ride bounds.

If you fancy acing some racing, all you need do is select your go-kart ride and rename it 'BOLLARD' as demonstrated in the video above. And it sounds like Frontier plans to reveal a few more easter eggs as the day goes on, so I'll update the story if any other fun tricks come this way.