Ludum Dare 38 Takes Place This Weekend

By Kate Gray on at

This piece is coming to you live from Ludum Dare 38, a huge, worldwide game jam that takes place three times a year. People all over the globe gather online and in physical locations to make games together, and with LD there's always a theme (which is usually a little bit weird). The last LD, which took place in December with the theme "One Room", had 2,390 submissions, and various prizes went to the games considered best in categories like "Fun", "Innovation" and "Audio".

This time, the theme is "A Small World", which will be interpreted differently by each team.

We're jamming in London at Newspeak House, a space usually used for political hacking near Brick Lane, which means we've been eating beigels (that's how it's spelled around here) and feeling incredibly trendy (we're not). I'm considering going to the Cereal Killer cafe for tea. Don't judge me.

We have until Tuesday at 2am BST to finish our jam games, although anyone entering the official competition (which is solo jam games only) has until Monday 2am BST.

Keep an eye on if you fancy checking out the games when they're out.