Adorable Child Writes A Note "From The School" Asking His Mum To Let Him Play Games

By Kate Gray on at

Seven-year-old Nathan is a conman in the making. He attempted to forge a note from his school saying that he was "failing" video game class, and that he would have to stay up all night to play games from now on if his parents didn't want him to be kicked out of school.

And it... kind of worked?


Enterprising young Nathan is now allowed to stay up for an extra hour to play games - "anything," he says, "computer, wii, ipod, ipad, phone & any other electronick."

However, his mum's a total grass - she emailed Nathan's school. Say it with me now: no one likes a grass.


We're probably a little too old to attempt this trick, but we're inspired. We might stay up all night playing video games tonight. We don't want to get kicked out of school, after all.