Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight Lets Fans Choose

By Kate Gray on at

Every year since 2012, Double Fine Productions has run a competition called Amnesia Fortnight, which lets fans vote on which games Double Fine should make next. It's a project that's actually been going since around 2007, when morale was low at the company after a publishing deal fell through during the production of Brutal Legend. The company's founder, Tim Schafer, told employees to forget about Brutal Legend for a couple of weeks—hence "Amnesia"—and work on something new in four different teams. At the end of the fortnight, the teams would present their games, and if they were good, they might just go into production.


Essentially, it was an in-house game jam, and it's how games like Iron Brigade, Costume Quest and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster came to be.

But since 2012, it's been a public charity event run with Humble Bundle, in which anyone who pays over a certain donation amount is able to vote on which games should be made next.

This year, voting has just ended, which means that the project is now in its "creation" phase. The two winners of the public vote are The Gods Must Be Hungry and Darwin's Dinner, the former sounding like Overcooked scrambled up with a 3D platformer which describes itself as "like a 3D Burger Time topped with a slice of Attack on Titan", and the latter sounding like a version of Spore where you play as a human forcing everything into extinction or evolution by eating it.

Double Fine's pick of the bunch is Kiln, a multiplayer brawler in which your fighters are shaped by a magical pottery wheel. Tim Schafer's pick is I Have No Idea What I'm Doing, a fascinating social VR game in which the single player inside the headset has no idea what's going on, and those outside have to help them along, somehow. It sounds, bizarrely, a little bit like David OReilly's Everything: "Are you controlling a giant puppet head from inside? An octopus landing a plane? A baby president?"

These games will all be heading into prototyping at Double Fine, and hopefully we'll see a few on them on the market in a couple years' time. You can find the videos for the 25 entrants in this year's competition on this Youtube playlist.