Writer Quits Spectacularly After Site Screws Everyone Over

By Kate Gray on at

Brash Games is not a good site to write for, it seems.

This is because of several reasons, according to the Twitter storm going on currently:

  1. They don't pay their writers
  2. They don't offer feedback, or seemingly, edit pieces at all
  3. They remove writers' bylines from the site if they quit
  4. They retcon scores from the writers who have left, changing them to the editor's preference
  5. They break embargoes
  6. They block anyone who criticises them

Hoo boy.

Olly Smith, who recently emailed Brash Games to announce that he no longer wanted to write for them after feeling like he was "wasting his time" because of no feedback from them, was dismayed to find that he was one of the latest victims of Brash Games' scorched-earth policy.

As a follow-up, fellow writer Ben McCurry used his Pac-Man 256 review (a Bandai Namco game released two years ago) to quit in the most spectacular, fuck-you way, making the most of the fact that apparently no one checks articles before posting.

Namco Bandai shy away from the sound of silence, which is, at the time of writing, exactly what I received when I announced my resignation to the editor Paul Ryan and clarified I would leave Brash as soon as possible. No email, no apology, no “I wish you the best in your future endeavours”, nothing. Pure radio silence; the only acknowledgement I received was that my name was pulled from the contributors list quietly.

Safe to say Brash Games is not feeling too hot right now, considering that in the last few hours they've unfollowed around 30,000 accounts on Twitter, blocked a bunch of journalists, and gone quiet.

Of course, now there's a bit of a secondary Twitterstorm—the backlash to the backlash—in which many people are angry that the writer gave Pac-Man 256 one out of ten, arguing that it's unfair to take out his frustration on the game. Here's what McCurry says in the piece:

I thought this game was great, but I’m going to – on behalf of Brash Games – award it a 1 out of 10. I do this safe in the knowledge that the editor will change it later without me knowing to fit the score HE would prefer.

Oof. I'd like to say I'll be updating this story, but it's made me suffer from such second-hand embarrassment that I might just go hide in a hole, instead.