Dark Souls 3's Latest Patch Just Nerfed Those Infuriating Angels

By Matt Wales on at

About five minutes into The Ringed City, Dark Souls 3's latest and last chunk of DLC, fearless explorers are granted an introduction to what's arguably one of the series' most infuriating foes: the apparently unassailable, light-spewing death angel (probably not its canonical name).

Kotaku UK's Rich Stanton, it's fair to say, was not a fan. "These angels are oppressive and annoying," Rich noted in his musing on Dark Souls 3's climactic DLC, "As soon as the player enters their sight—which can be avoided by hiding behind objects—a cavalcade of laser beams flies in and chips away at your health. If you're not sprinting, or near cover, you're dead. This is about as far away from the Souls' series strengths as you can get."

It's not quite the total banishment that Rich might have liked, but Dark Souls 3's latest patch (live now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC) has reined in the angels' fearsome powers just a little. According to From Software's notes, the newest update has "reduced damage of the light arrows fired by Angels." What's more, the Hidden Body sorcery - which reduces an opponent's visual and aggro range - is now effective against the celestial nuisances.

Patch 1.32 also implements a number of other fixes and tweaks, as you can see in the full notes (shared by Bandai Namco's community manager) below.

  • Reduced damage of the light arrows fired by "Angels"
  • The sorcery "Hidden Body" is now effective against "Angels"
  • Reduced the damage of homing spears released from "Spear of the Church"
  • Reduced the amount of bonus absorption the "Spear of the Church" receives during 1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 games (1vs1 is unaffected)
  • Reduced the amount of HP "Church Guardian" has during a 1vs1 match (1vs2, 1vs3 and 1vs4 are unaffected)
  • Increased damage and scaling of simple, crystal, fire, chaos, lightning, dark, deep and blessed infusions
  • Increased damage of raw infusions
  • Reduced damage and scaling of heavy infusions at lower weapon levels
  • Increased scaling of sharp infusions, and increased damage gain at high levels of dexterity
  • Reduced scaling of heavy infusions on lighter weapons
  • Reduced damage of "Exile Greatsword"
  • Reduced damage for L1(LB) attacks, and increased stamina consumption for L1(LB) attacks and weapon art "Ember" of "Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords"
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art "Wind Wheel" of "Splitleaf Greatsword" was applying more status effects than intended
  • Fixed a bug where fully charged R2(RT) attacks of "Profaned Greatsword" and "Black Knight Greatsword" were not consuming additional stamina
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of "Preacher's Right Arm" would combo for more hits than intended
  • Fixed a bug where the weapon art of "Painting Guardian's Curved Sword" would combo for more hits than intended
  • Increased damage of Toxic dealt by players, but reduced the penalty to stamina regeneration