Frontier has Permanently Dropped the Cost of Elite Dangerous' Pricey Ship Cosmetics

By Matt Wales on at

There are lots of reasons to love Frontier Development's supremely ambitious space sim Elite Dangerous, but the eye-watering cost of its ship cosmetics certainly hasn't been one of them. Good news then: Frontier has just updated its online store, permanently slashing the price of most cosmetic items by around 40-50%, and making the heady world of ship customisation a little easier on the wallet.

For those unaware, there are no free cosmetic customisation options in Elite Dangerous (with the exception of HUD colouring, which requires you to edit the game's files). Instead, anyone wishing to inject a bit of personality into their game must purchase Frontier-created cosmetics (paint jobs, ship kits, weapon colours, and dashboard bobbleheads) with real money from Elite's online store.

elite dangerous

Up until now, most cosmetics tended to be priced more toward the 'luxury' end of the spectrum, and a tad outside the realms of 'impulse buy'. However, Frontier's new pricing structure makes it a little bit harder to say no. Individual ship skins now cost £1, packs of paint jobs are £3, dashboard bobbleheads are £3 and ship kits are £8.

In a post on the Elite forums, Frontier noted of the price reductions, "These updated prices will reflect how similar items will priced be in future." Those "similar items" will likely include the ship nameplates and customisable avatar uniforms due as part of the game's imminent "Commanders" update.