Players Looking For Shiny Magikarp Are Getting Trolled By Pokémon Go

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Right now, most people playing Pokémon Go are hunting for one thing: a golden shiny Magikarp. Oh, they’re finding shiny Magikarp alright. It’s just not turning out how they’d expect.

Last year, Pokémon Go introduced Ditto, a shapeshifting creature who always appears as something else. You might capture a Sentret, for example, only for it to turn into a Ditto once in your Pokeball. Fun fact: Magikarp is one of the monsters Ditto can use as a disguise. Right now, lots of people are capturing what appears to be shiny Magikarp, only for it to transform into freakin’ Ditto. The reactions online are priceless:

Source: r/thesilphroad

Once upon a time, everyone wanted Ditto because it was somewhat hard to track and find. Now Ditto is causing all sorts of anguish and slight annoyance. So it goes! Really, you can’t blame anyone: for minutes, they might believe they’re about to capture the rarest monster in the game...only for it to turn into something else! Well-played, Niantic.