Hitman Fan Builds a Database of its Best Murders

By Julian Benson on at

We published a lot of articles on the new Hitman last year. I was responsible for many of them - the game's embarrassment of riches hooked me early and I ended up returning to it throughout the year. Still, despite all our coverage, we didn't often touch on player contracts.

When IO Interactive released a new episode for Hitman you'd receive a great big new sandbox to play in and it would be stuffed with side missions and achievements to hunt down. The sandbox was also open to players to make their own missions, called contracts. They could select a target from any of the hundreds of NPCs that populated the level and demand that another player kill them in a specific way.

It's an excellent system for adding longevity and new challenges to the game, one that only gets more comprehensive as IO released new items and updates to the game. However, where it falls down is providing tools to find the best contracts. Entering the in-game Contract system, you're met with a sea of missions to pick from and little to guide you to the best ones.

This is where Hitman.DB comes in:

It's a new site for contracts to be submitted to and that can then be uprated or downrated by players. Contracts are only added to the database manually, so it's not swimming in the automatic submissions that occur in the in-game Contract database. You basically write a short entry for the contract, saying what it's about, how many targets it's for, what level it's on, and the ID for the contract so players can find it in the game.

The database only went up this week so it's not got too many submissions just yet, but as people get word it may start filling up with the best player-made missions around.