You Can Increase Your Breath of the Wild Horses' Stamina

By Kim Snaith on at

Everyone loves horses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We catch 'em, we ride 'em, we treat 'em real nice and form a nice bond with them.

A good way to form a bond is to feed them fruit – they're particularly fond of apples and carrots. But if you feed them an endura carrot – well, something special happens.


They gain extra stamina! That means you can ride faster for longer periods of time. Pretty cool, right?

Endura carrots grow in the wild around Hyrule, but they are pretty rare. You'll have most luck finding them near Fairy Fountains, but you may also find them dotted around the Faron Grasslands and Hyrule Ridge regions.

The amount of neat interactions hidden within Breath of the Wild is astonishing, and even after 80+ hours of game time, I'm still discovering new things as I explore. For instance, did you know that dropping food items in snowy areas freezes it, adding the ability to keep you cool in hot climes? Or that regular arrows can become fire arrows if you hold your bow close to a flame? I still can't get over the flying raft, either. Who knows what else we'll uncover as we keep playing.