Move Over Zelda, Mass Effect Has Its Own Sexy Shark

By Rich Stanton on at

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's release, some fans have been getting extremely hot under the collar about the Zora prince Sidon. Hey, he's a really nice guy!

This reached a peak when Comedy Central featured what, by any measure, is a pretty fantastic tweet.

Everyone loves Breath of the Wild. But things aren't looking quite so rosy for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which in early notices and countless videos is being pilloried for its animations, script, and all manner of other things. It must be a strange time in Bioware HQ, nevermind if you're a Mass Effect fan.

But fear not, space pioneers. Whatever its flaws may be in other respects, Mass Effect: Andromeda has the one thing any RPG in this post-BotW era needs, and that is a stupid sexy shark.

This is Nakmor Kesh, superintendent of the Nexus. I don't know if you can sleep with her yet, but watch this space. And don't give me any of that 'not a shark' rubbish: Krogan, Zora, they're all fish to me.