Someone Has Made a Switch Travel Dock that Fits in Your Pocket

By Julian Benson on at

Someone over on Reddit going by the name Jolimon has managed to make a travel dock for the Nintendo Switch that is significantly smaller than the one Nintendo ships with the console. If you've been wanting to take your Switch round to a friend's house and connect it up to their television without the hassle of unplugging your dock and carrying around the comparatively bulky piece of hit then look on in envy:


And for a sense of scale, here it is connected to the Switch tablet:


According to Jolimon, "all the internal components from the dock have been migrated over into this smaller enclosure, allowing for a more compact travel set up by using a USB C extension to connect the switch to the 'dock'."

The travel dock is dinky enough that you can slip it into your pocket.

Jolimon says they are planning on releasing the 3D printer files so anyone else who would like to try and make a DIY doc will be able to use their designs.

If that seems like a little too much hard work, Jolimon also said "I will hopefully start selling the enclosures and making instructions in the next week or so." Though, as they're charging $35 and shipping then expect to pay a lot, as they're based in the US.

There are a tonne of pictures showing off different angles of the travel dock and different design styles. All of them are filling me with envy:



Finally, here's an image comparing it to the actual dock:


You can read a lot more about the project over on Reddit.