Dead End Thrills' No Man's Sky Photos are Achingly Beautiful

By Julian Benson on at

With yesterday's Pathfinder update, No Man's Sky received a great wodge of new features. Among them was a new photo mode, that lets you capture images of whatever sights you come across in the algorithmic universe.

The photo mode was designed with the help of Duncan 'Dead End Thrills' Harris, a game photographer who has lent his virtual lens to a tonne of game developers over the years, showing off virtual worlds from new and gorgeous angles.

The mode Hello Games put together gives you a great deal of control over composing the perfect shot, letting you move the camera around freely, change the weather, and add filters. Here's the full feature list:

  • Find the perfect angle for your shot in free camera mode, revealing your Starship in third person
  • Pause and change the time of day for the perfect lighting conditions
  • Change cloud layers and fog density to take the most atmospheric shots possible
  • New photo filters can be used to add ta finishing touch
  • Share your favourite screenshots with the community using PS4 or Steam sharing functionality

But, to get a sense of how good a camera mode it is, here are some of the shots that Harris has taken using it:


'Burn To The Ground (alt version)'




'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space'




'Wash Rooms'





I mean, these look more like sci-fi posters from professional artists than a videogame.

There are a load more beauties over on the DeadEndThrills site, and they're all available in super-high resolution formats too. Definitely take a look.