Ubisoft is Planning Two Free Expansions for The Division

By Julian Benson on at

Fans of The Division will be pleased that not only does Ubisoft plan to keep supporting the game, but that it is also planning to release two free expansions this year to fill out the game and drive players towards playing together.

Speaking to GameRant, The Division's creative director, Julian Gerighty, said "We will be delivering two separate expansion packs for the game free to everybody in the next 12 months.” Adding that the first of the free expansions is due to be released this summer.

The focus of the first expansion is to create activities that draw players together. “One of the biggest pieces of new content is an events structure, which will reward players for participation, completion, and competition within a playlist of activities that have a modifier," Gerighty told GameRant. "Basically, taking a set number of activities within the game and adding a spin to them that makes players see them in a whole different light and play them in a whole different way.”

The activities in the upcoming event system will be PvE focused but that may be opened up to include PvP play in future.