Massive No Man's Sky Update Adds Vehicles, Base-Sharing and Much More

By Rich Stanton on at

Out of the great vastness of space comes an enormous update for Hello Games' No Man's Sky. The game endured a torrid reception last year following fervid anticipation, with some players feeling it didn't live up to their expectations. Sean Murray vowed the studio would keep supporting the game, as it has been doing, but this update is enormous.

The official website has a huge (and rather beautiful) page showing off the new features and going into detail. In short order, what players can expect from this free update includes

  • Planetary vehicles, obtained permanently through a new series of missions, that make exploring and resource-collecting easier and give you a bit more firepower.
  • The ability to create races for these vehicles on a particular planet and share it with other players.
  • Base sharing - so players can explore each others' creations. On Steam this integrates with Steam workshop, which will help enormously with discovery.
  • Base customisation options have "more than doubled".
  • PS4 Pro support.
  • A new ship / weapon specialisation system, plus the ability to start collecting loads of them.
  • Permadeath mode, plus further tweaks to the existing Survival mode.
  • Visual improvements (ultra resolution textures, new lighting effects, HDR mode).
  • New traders all over the place, and a new currency.
  • A dedicated photo mode, featuring input from DeadEndThrills.
  • Changes to the discovery menu.
  • Eight new tunes
  • Various QOL improvements, tweaks and bug fixes, outlined in full at the above link.


Hello Games has taken serious flak for No Man's Sky, to a degree that has been unreasonable at times. We named it one of the 10 Best British Games of 2016.  Whatever fans think about the game itself, with support like this there can be no doubting the studio's commitment to the future of No Man's Sky.