Makers of Indiana Jones Fan Remaster Ordered to Quit by Lucasfilm

By Julian Benson on at

Shocking news, everyone. A fan-made remaster of a game owned by someone else has been ordered to cease and desist. This regularly-seen development is brought to you by Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition.

Every few months I seem to be writing stories about fan projects being told to stop what they're doing by the owners of the IP. I guess it's just too darn tempting to remake the games fans love and, maybe, just maybe, one day an IP holder will allow a team to continue (a la Valve and the Black Mesa team).

The Fate of Atlantis Special Edition is a tad different to the sort of fan games we tend to see, instead of an unofficial sequel or spin-off, this is a remaster. The Special Edition version has been made to run on modern machines in higher fidelity and with new sounds and animations.

According to a Facebook post by the developers, the team has "been asked politely by a new promoted Lucasfilm Head of business development person to stop developing and distributing Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Special Edition demo." The team will be removing the download links for the demo from its website on March 5th.

Apparently this isn't the end of the project, "Lucasfilm [doesn't] want to share the Indy license with anyone right one, so we came up with other solution and we will see if that is going to work for them. We will keep in touch with Lucasfilm people and continuously trying to obtain a deal for a full project development!"

There are no details of what that plan is, however. The team has hope, "Lucasfilm has seen what we have done, we proved our skills, show them a great effort and strong responsibility, they have received all required documents and now it's up to them if they will change their minds and starts support independent developers."

If you act quick, you can still get out there and download the demo before it is pulled.