EA Announces the Rest of Battlefield 1’s DLC

By Heather Alexandra on at

The rest of Battlefield 1's downloadable expansions were revealed today. The new content will expand on the various fronts of the Great War, adding in the Russian Army and naval battles.

While we already knew about the first DLC pack They Shall Not Pass, which adds in the much requested French Army and releases soon in March, details on the rest of Battlefield 1's DLC was scarce. Today, EA announced what players can expect.

In The Name Of The Tsar will add a focus on the Russian fronts of the war, with snow cover maps. Turning Tides looks to expand on the game’s naval warfare and will finally bring the Battle of Gallipoli, which featured in the game’s story mode, to multiplayer.

Apocalypse is the most intriguing of the bunch and will include “the most infamous battles of WWI.” It’s hard to say what that entails but I wouldn’t be surprised to see additional maps based on the absurdly tragic Hundred Days Offensive.

In total, the DLC will add twenty new weapons and sixteen multiplayer maps. Which means there will be plenty of fronts to fight on as the game marches forward.

It also means there will be a lot more things for people to kill me with the moment I peek out of a foxhole. Oh, well. Such is the tragic life of a dough-gal.