ZeniMax Has Asked US Courts to Block Oculus Sales

By Tom Pritchard on at

The whole Oculus vs ZeniMax case has been a little bit of a mess, especially if you're not very legal savvy. The jury decided Oculus had violated non-disclosure agreements and ZeniMax's copyright, but without misappropriating any trade secrets. Despite the fact that ZeniMax was awarded about £400 million in compensation, it's taking things one step further by asking courts to block the sale of Oculus products.

According to Upload VR, ZeniMax's filing asks that Oculus be:

“...permanently enjoined, on a worldwide basis, from using…any of the Copyrighted Materials, including but not limited to (i) system software for Oculus PC (including the Oculus PC SDK); (ii) system software for Oculus Mobile (including the Oculus Mobile SDK); (iii) Oculus integration with the Epic Games Unreal Engine; and (iv) Oculus integration with the Unity Technologies Unity Game Engine.”

While the filing doesn't specifically mention the Oculus hardware, having a headset without the software needed to run it would be a complete waste of time. At least in this case, should Oculus and Facebook fail in their planned appeal, they can just write new code. It would be a huge hassle for Oculus, and would undoubtedly require a lot of precautions to make sure it's not too similar to the disputed code, but it's certainly a much less painful than having their products pulled from shop shelves. [Gizmodo UK via Ars Technica]