Naughty Dog Isn't Involved in the Uncharted Movie

By Tom Pritchard on at

Development on the Uncharted movie has been moving at a snail pace, but last month it was revealed that the script had finally been completed. Apparently writer Joe Carnahan has had a lot of positive feeedback, except from the only people who really matter at this stage: Naughty Dog. At least, that's according to Naughty Dog writer Neil Druckmann.

This statement was apparently in response to Carnahan promising that the film would retain the 'foul-mouthed' language of the games, also adding that he would write the film "the way it's supposed to be written" rather than aiming for a PG-13 rating (the equivalent of a UK 12A). Carnahan also said in another interview that he had heard Naughty Dog was quite happy with the script, but added doubt to his claim by saying "who knows". Druckmann also had some words to say about that:

So there is definitely something odd going on. It's doubtful that Carnahan would bother to go out and knowingly lie on the record like that, and likewise Druckmann has no reason to lie about the studio's involvement. It sounds like there's some sort of miscommunication happening somewhere along the line, which isn't a good sign. It also strange that the studio that created the source material, and did a damn good job of it, would not have some input to ensure the film matched the tone of the games.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the Uncharted film is going to be a disaster, it's far too early to make assumptions like that, but for a film that's struggled to get to this stage it's bizarre that these conflicting accounts would arise. [Gameinformer]