Snipperclips Hits Switch at Launch, Costs £17.99

By Rich Stanton on at

The surprise hit of Nintendo's Switch preview events, for me at least, was Snipperclips - Cut it out, together! A charming co-op puzzler that depends on working together, while simultaneously chopping each other up. It has a lovely atmosphere and that chaotic kind of fun you only really get with couch play. "Chop half of my head off! No that's my chest!"

Snipperclips will make the Switch launch on March 3rd as a downloadable title from the eShop, and in a pleasant surprise the RRP is £17.99 - which seems about right. There will also be a bundle containing a download code for the game and two Joy-Cons (i.e. one complete pad) released one week later, on March 10th, though sadly the controllers are standard rather than a special Snipperclips version.


Do keep your eye out for this one. It's a little bit different, very enjoyable, and even though it may look like a slight experience it's exactly the kind of simple, fun title that Nintendo clearly hopes Switch will be able to provide. If you have someone to play with, it may even be essential - but stay tuned to Kotaku UK and we'll have more in-depth coverage when it's out.

The press release announcing the price and release date also contains a paragraph about the game's modes:

Developed by London-based indie developer SFB Games in partnership with Nintendo, [Snipperclips] requires up to four players to work together – or compete against each other – across three main game modes: think creatively to puzzle your way through a WORLD of fun (1-2 players, cooperative), invite more players to join and get a PARTY started (2-4 players, cooperative), or go up against each other in a frenetic, fast-paced BLITZ match (2-4 players, competitive).

Snipperclips will be available on Nintendo eShop on March 3rd for £17.99, and the Joy-Con bundle will hit retail on March 10th - no word yet on price for the latter.