LISTEN, CREEP! New Judge Dredd Game May Be On the Way

By Rich Stanton on at

Sniper Elite developer Rebellion, which owns comic publisher 2000AD, has announced plans to open up its back catalogue of characters for other studios to use in games, including the comic's most iconic creation: Judge Dredd.

Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley made the announcement at the 2000AD 40 Years Of Thrill-Power Festival over the weekend. According to Bleeding Cool, Kingsley also said that the game studio had something big to announce later this year.

Dredd is an incredible character that seems like he'd be a natural fit for videogames but, with few exceptions, the history's a bit of a dismal one. I remember a 2D platformer on SNES that was alright, but the less said of Dredd Vs. Death the better. It would be amazing to see a British studio like Rocksteady or Ruffian taking on Dredd, giving us an open-world version of Mega City One and a Lawmaster to rocket around on.

Rebellion has made a few titles themselves, like the aforementioned Dredd Vs Death and Rogue Trooper, but many other great 2000AD characters have been left untouched - the ABC Warriors, Nemesis, Slaine, the list goes on. Fingers crossed some great games come from this. But yeah: Ruffian doing Dredd. Crackdown with a killer license. Just a thought.

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