In The New Zelda, You Can Catapult Yourself Across The Map

By Kate Gray on at

One of the main new features of Breath of the Wild, the new Zelda game coming to the Nintendo Switch, is the addition of physics. A demo of the game last year featured rolling a boulder down a hill to squish a bunch of bokoblins, and many of the shrines and temples also require the use of various physics-based powers to get to the end.

But who needs boulder-rolling when the world allows you to do much sillier things? Here's a gif of one player building a makeshift catapult to launch himself into the air:

Link will have the powers of magnesis, stasis, and cryonis, all of which allow you to manipulate objects and the world around you to complete puzzles. What's far more exciting about those powers, though, is what enterprising and experimental players will end up doing with them, similar to how people playing with Fallout 4's base-building ended up building colossal, ramshackle dongs.

Here's a gif of Link using stasis, which is a power that freezes an object in time, but when it is unfrozen, unleashes all the kinetic energy stored within it. In short: you can hit a thing over and over, and when time is unfrozen, it will fly off like the professor with Cobbles in Look Around You.


Prepare yourself for ten thousand YouTube videos about all the dumb stuff people are going to do with this new toy. It's going to be wild.