Zelda Trailer Gives a Glimpse of Hyrule's Destruction

By Julian Benson on at

Three new trailers of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have appeared on the game's Japanese website. One of them, Guard, shows an army of tentacled machines tearing through a Hyrulean city, trailing destruction in their wake.

I can't embed the videos here as they're ingrained into the site's background but they're titled Guard, Run, and Live and if you follow those links you can watch them in your browser.

I couldn't help but take a tonne of screenshots as I was watching through the videos so if you're not able to follow the links at the moment these may sate your need for Zelda videos:

zelda 2

zelda 3

zelda 4

Zelda 5

zelda 6

Zelda 7

Zelda 8

zelda 9

Zelda 10

zelda 11

zelda 12

zelda 13

Zelda 14