There's a Crowdfunding Site Exclusively for 18+ Games

By Julian Benson on at

Kimochi Red Light is a new crowdfunding platform that's been set up exclusively to crowdfund adult games. Games centering around sex can have a hard time getting funding as most publishers won't back them, they struggle to get into shops because a lot of distributors won't sell them, it can even be a challenge to get ads for an adult game.

[NSFW link] This new crowdfunding site has been set up to ease those pains a little by creating a space where fans of adult games can see a tonne of upcoming projects and choose to help fund them. The site has been set up by hentai game portal Nutaku (no relation). Unlike Indiegogo and Kickstarter, Kimochi Red Light doesn't take a cut from the profits so developers get 100% of the funds backed. In an interview with Destructoid, Nutaku explained that it hoped that games funded through the site would want to be distributed through its [NSFW link] shop.

I've had a look at a few of the projects on offer and it's much like what you'd find on Kickstarter, with stretch goals and backers rewards encouraging higher pledges. In these instances, with many of the game's being visual novels at their core, stretch goals will see extra chapters being written for the game. Though, it looks like more explicit scenes may be held back, only available to the higher tier backers. Backer rewards can also include physical rewards, like figurine's of a game's main characters.

This is all good news for fans of these games as it gives them a way to support developers and get games and goodies in return.