Man Spends £800 in Fire Emblem Heroes, Still Doesn't Have Hector

By Mike Fahey on at

While many of us are struggling to resist dropping a tenner on a full five-character pull in Fire Emblem Heroes, Redditor Kooko22 dropped a cool £800 on Nintendo’s latest mobile game, expanding his team size to 500 and filling it completely — yet he still doesn’t have Hector.

According to the AMA posted alongside a gallery of his expansive crew, Kooko22 is a chemical analysis software developer with no kids, so it makes sense he might have a spare £800 laying about to put Fire Emblem Heroes’ random character pulls to the test. “Fun, curiosity, and data” are given as the reasons for the large investment.

The purchased orbs that didn’t go to increasing his team size from the default 200 to the 500 member max were spent equally between the two types of Summoning Focus currently available in the game.

Before we get into those numbers, look at all of these gold stars.

Image via Kooko22 on imgur. 

Wait for it...

Image via Kooko22 on imgur.

That’s seven rows of five star characters plus the four-character team, or 39 total. Of the 35, 24 are red. Six are blue, six are colourless and a measly three are green. Basically the same percentages I’ve seen, but I’ve only spent £25 or so.

Not appearing in Kooko22's gallery.

Along with the 35 five stars, Kooko22's army also contains 168 four stars, 279 three stars, 9 two stars and only 5 single star characters. You can see the entire roster at his imgur gallery.

Aside from rendering my writing a story about spending £25 on the game and only getting two five star characters, one of which either wants to have sex with me or be my sister (possibly both), Kooko22's monetary sacrifice should net a tonne of useful information about summoning percentages, as well as base and levelled character stats. He’s already got a spreadsheet going.

The many stats of six different four star Laslows.

You know what this game really needs? A player marketplace, where poor Kooko22 can trade for that elusive Hector. He deserves him.