Games of 2017: Driving Games

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Today's list is a little on the short side so we must placate the list god with prayer:

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Gran Turismo Sport

gran turismo sport

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Polyphony Digital | Publisher: Sony | Platform: PS4

Gran Turismo Sport hasn’t had an easy development. Announced back in 2013, it was due out in 2016. That release date was then pushed back into 2017 with a beta at the end of 2016. In time, this beta was cancelled. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has now pinky-promised that the long-awaited game will be out this year (while also casting grandmaster levels of shade on the Forza series).

Project Cars 2

project cars 2

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Slightly Mad Studios | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

Bigger and better looking is the mantra for this sequel. 50 locations split into more than 200 tracks to race, more than 200 cars to race in eight different disciplines, all while competing in online leagues. Jules wasn’t a big fan of the first game, finding it sterile compared to Dirt Rally (which was out at the same time), but it certainly had its moments.



Release date: 2017 | Developer: Slampunks | Platform: PC

In Muddledash, four players play weird alien tentacle creatures that are fighting over a gift box. Whichever player can get to the end of an obstacle course while holding the gift box wins by carrying it into a room filled with weird alien tentacle creatures. Yeah, it sounds barmy.

WipEout Omega Collection


Release date: Summer 2017 | Developer: XDEV, Clever Beans, EPOS | Publisher: Sony | Platform: PS4

A remastered bundle of WipEout goodness, bringing together all the tracks of WipEout HD, Fury, and 2048 and updating them to work in 4k with HDR lighting on the PS4. There’s a new soundtrack, too, with some returning tracks but a lot of new tunes to race to.


Release date: 2017 | Developer: BeamNG | Platform: PC

Already available in Early Access, is a really impressive driving simulation sandbox. Cars rip, tear, and collapse as they’re damaged. New play modes, a career mode, and features are planned to be added throughout the year.

Drift Stage

drift stage

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Chase Pettit, Charles Blanchard, Hugh Myrone | Platform: PC

Looking like a lost member of the Screamer series, Drift Stage looks like something out of the early ‘90s but it’s built to play like a more modern arcade racer. To make it round the track at speed you’re going to have to master the drift.



Release date: 2017 | Developer: Smashing Great Games | Platform: PC

Race colourful cars (with way too much suspension for their own good) round rural race tracks. Drive too fast and you’re likely to roll yourself out of a race.



Release date: Spring 2017 | Developer: Lost in the Garden | Platform: PC

Gravity is a choice in Lightfield, letting you race along any surface of a track while choosing what is up and what is down. With the tap of a key you can launch into the air, reorientate yourself and snap down onto a different surface. You’re fastest when snapped to a surface but can find short cuts by hopping along the walls and ceilings of a track.

Road Rage

road rage

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Maximum Games | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

As the name suggests, this is highly 'inspired by' Road RashRoad Rage is an open world racing game where you’re fighting your way up the ranks of a motorcycle gang with whatever weapon you can lay your hands on. From the screenshots, that looks to be swords and maces, though the guy above seems to be wielding his Apple headphones. Shouldn't be listening to them on a bike anyway, tut tut.

Dirt 4

dirt 4

Release date: June 9th | Developer: Codemasters | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

Dirt Rally was an incredible return to form for Codemasters’ off-road series. It drilled down on a single discipline, the stage championship, and in doing so captured what made the game special. Dirt 4 returns to a more generalised approach, with many more racing options, but brings that finely tuned core along for the ride. The headline new feature is a track generator system that, if it works, will create endless original courses.

Need for Speed

need for speed

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Ghost Games | Publisher: EA Games | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

Besides saying back in 2015 it was working on the foundations of a new Need For Speed game due out in 2017, developer Ghost Games has kept tight lipped about what the new game will feature. But we're gonna go out on a limb and say there will be cars and roads.

Forza Motorsport 7

forza motorsport 7

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Turn 10 Studios | Publisher: Microsoft | Platform: PC, XB1

Another game we know exists but know very little about. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, speaking at the Geneva Motor show, revealed that the Lamborghini Centenario would be on the cover of the game. That’s it. That’s all we have. Cheers Phil.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest

next car game wreckfest

Release date: Summer 2017 | Developer: Bugbear Entertainment | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

Released through Steam Early Access after a failed Kickstarter, Wreckfest has been motoring along to a full release in 2017 with new updates bringing it closer to a 1.0 release. From the creators of the first two FlatOut games, which were excellent, Wreckfest is all about destruction derby and tearing muscle cars to shreds.

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity

flatout 4

Release date: March | Developer: Kylotonn Racing Games | Publisher: PQube Games, Bigben Interactive | Platform: PS4, XB1

With Bugbear making Wreckfest, the FlatOut series is being handled by Kylotonn Racing Games - though given the shocking state of Flatout 3, expectations for this one aren't high. The new entry focuses on destruction derby action and spectacular crashes.



Release date: February 2nd | Developer: Caged Element | Platform: PC

Inspired by the Rollcage games, Grip has you speed futuristic cars down tubes at such speeds that you can race up the walls and ceilings of the pipes. Pickups and weapons give you the tools to get into the lead even if your driving ability isn’t up to scratch.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge

isle of mann

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Kylotonn Games | Publisher: Bigben Interactive | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

While also making the new FlatOut game, Kylotonn Games is recreating the Isle of Mann motorcycle race in an officially-licensed adaptation of the famously dangerous event.

Micro Machines: World Series

micro machines world series

Release date: April 21st | Developer: Codemasters, Just Add Water | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1

It’s been too damn long since the last Micro Machines game. If you like shared screen co-op with tiny cars tooled up with explosive weapons and speed boosts then you’ve come to the right place. I cannae wait for this one.

Red Bull Air Race: The Game

red bull air race

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Slightly Mad Studios | Platform: PC

Take to the skies in this free-to-play air racing game from the makers of Project Cars. While the studio may be used to making more, er, grounded racing games, the Red Bull Air Race certainly looks the part. Air races are something rarely turned into games so this should offer something new.

The Karters

the karters

Release date: 2017 | Developer: CMOAR Studio | Platform: PC

Inspired by the likes of Crash Team Racing, you’ll face off against a crowded roster of colourful characters in colourful tracks using colourful weaponry to get to the front of the colourful pack. It sure looks colourful.

Speed Elixir

speed elixir

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Electro Phantom Games | Platform: PC

Taking nods from The Crew, Speed Elixir similarly takes place in an open world with seamless drop-in multiplayer. Speed along gloriously-rendered open roads and have other racers appear alongside to challenge you for a win.

MXGP3: The Official Motocross Videogame


Release date: Spring 2017 | Developer: Milestone| Platform: PS4

Launch yourself up mud slopes on the back of an engine welded to a pair of wheels. It’s your choice whether to follow that instruction in real life or check out MXGP3.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

mario kary 8 deluxe

Release date: April 28th | Developer: Nintendo | Platform: Nintendo Switch

First shown in the Nintendo Switch reveal advert, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn’t a fully-fledged new release for Nintendo’s new console but it does bring some new tracks and cars to the already-excellent racing game.

Formula Fusion

formula fusion

Release date: 2017 | Developer: R8 Games| Platform: PC

When Sony closed its Liverpool studio, hope for a new WipEout went with it. Formula Fusion looks like the closest we’re going to get to a sequel. In Early Access on PC since 2015, it is finally set to launch this year.



Release date: 2017 | Developer: Black Delta | Platform: PC

Few racing games tackle kart racing, an extremely bare bones form of racing. Without suspension, downforce, and frivolous things like seatbelts, there is no room for mistakes on the tarmac.

Rise: Race The Future

rise race the future

Release date: 2017 | Developer: VD-DEV | Platform: PC, PS4, XB1, 3DS, Wii U, Switch

Partnering up with automotive designer Anthony Jannarelly, VD-Dev is making a futuristic racer for what looks like every platform available. Ambitious certainly, but that could explain why it was delayed from its release in 2016.

Fast RMX

fast rmx

Release date: March | Developer: Shin’en Multimedia | Platform: Switch

WipEout for the Switch. This anti-grav racer is already available on the Wii U but the RMX version runs faster, looks better, and supports up to four players all playing on separate halves of the Joy-Con.

Power Drive 2000

power drive 2000

Release date: 2017 | Developer: Megacon Games | Platform: PC

Race down tracks that look like the unreleased covers of an ‘80s electro band. It’s all neon tracks and pulsating, colourful skies.

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