Ubisoft Details its Plans for Rainbow Six Siege Year Two

By Julian Benson on at

It's no secret that Rich and I like Rainbow Six Siege, we named it 2016's game of the year (despite it coming out in 2015). So, I'm eagerly scanning through all the recent news about Siege's year two for details about what is coming.

First up is the roadmap, much like last year there will be four 'seasons', each bringing a new map and two new operators:


According to an interview in PC Gamer, Ubisoft has no plans to create new game modes. "The map can be different, the operators can be different, but we need something static and that is Siege mode," creative director Xavier Marquis told the magazine. "Siege is the center of everything."

The focus, instead, is bringing in more operators to give players a granularity of choice. Apparently, the team wants to release at least 50 operators over the next few years. "The idea is that you actually want enough operators so that each pick you have a choice," brand director Alexandre Remy told PC Gamer. "Thermite for a long time was not a choice, everyone had to pick him in a team because he was the only one who could breach into a reinforced wall. Introducing Hibana, all of a sudden the player could perform that task with a choice."

Ubisoft also released a development diary that goes into some of the updates it plans on releasing outside of new content. Improvements to the game's networking, for instance, and a new matchmaking system that lets you select your operator and loadout while the game is loading:

There was also talk of eSports, with Ubisoft now seeing the PC as the main platform for Siege. It will be running three leagues – Pro, Challenger, and GO4 – and on console both the PS4 and Xbox One will have a Major League and a GO4 league.

Finally, Ubisoft also teased the first of this year's new operations, Velvet Shell:

Very pretty.