FIFA Youtuber Pleads Guilty to Gambling Charges

By Julian Benson on at

Craig 'Nepenthez' Douglas and his business partner, Dylan Rigby, have pleaded guilty to offences under the UK's Gambling Act.

Back in September Douglas and Rigby were charged for running a site called FUT Galaxy that let players bet FIFA's virtual currency on the outcome of real football matches. While this could all be done without spending any cash, the in-game funds could then be sold on other sites for real money. At the time both men pleaded not guilty but in court today they changed their pleas and admitted to the offences.

According to the BBC Douglas, 32, has admitted to a charge of 'being an officer of a firm that provided facilities for gambling without an operating licence,' and admitted a further charge of advertising this unlawful gambling through YouTube (where he has more than 1.3 million subscribers) and Twitter.

Rigby, 33, pleaded guilty to two charges related to the provision of facilities for gambling, and to a third for advertising unlawful gambling.

In a recent video, Douglas talked about the (then) upcoming court case, saying “I’ve got something coming up on Monday, 6th of February that could change my life, define my future. If you don’t know, just Google ‘NepentheZ court case’ and it will come up for you. For those of you that do know. There is a probability that I won’t be walking out of court on Monday morning, and that’s scary man, that's scary. It's changed my outlook on a lot of things.” His views on running an illegal gambling site, one might speculate.

The pair are due to be sentenced tomorrow.