Resident Evil 7 Speedrunner Finishes Game on Madhouse... With Just a Knife

By David Meikleham on at

Some people are sickeningly good at things. To be more specific, some people are sickeningly good at finishing Resident Evil 7's ultra challenging Madhouse difficulty... with nothing but a damn knife. Ugh. Screw you, people who are way more talented than I'll ever be.

Here, watch YouTuber Quizzle finish Resi 7's toughest mode in a little over three and a half hours using only Ethan's knife...

Impressive, no? How he got through that Marguerite battle with his sanity still intact I'll never know.

I'm going to try and tackle Madhouse at some point this weekend as part of my obsessive attempts to get the game's platinum trophy. I am NOT looking forward to that first boss fight. Still, unlike Quizzle, I'm not going to stick mad impositions on myself. Watch out Baker family, I'm coming with all guns blazing. Oh, and Quizzle? Niiiiice job.