Club Penguin Squawks its Last

By Rich Stanton on at

Released on October 24, 2005, the child-focused Club Penguin went on to become one of the world's biggest MMOGs. Essentially a series of social hubs linking off to minigames, with a large emphasis on penguin customisation, the game's most impressive 'stat' is that no-one seems quite sure how many accounts have been created - but estimates vary between 200 and 330 million.

Time waits for no MMOG, however, and Disney has announced Club Penguin will be closing on March 29 2017, to be replaced by the mobile-focused Club Penguin Island.

The move makes business sense, inasmuch as Club Penguin was designed for another era, and clearly kids and young teenagers lucky enough to have smartphones are the new target audience. Nevertheless it feels like an abrupt ending for such a long-running and seemingly-healthy service. Disney clearly wants to focus on mobile rather than supporting two games at once, and transition as many Club Penguin users as possible, but the simple fact is that when your players are 6 to 14 years old many won't have their own smartphones.

Anyway, the real reason I'll be sad to see Club Penguin go is all the screens of these sweet penguins saying horrible or outrageous things. One of the developers' goals was always to make the game safe for younger players, and so the environment is moderated tightly with frequent bans of undesirable users.


I mean, it's just funny to imagine the 10 year-olds typing this stuff. There's even a subreddit dedicated to Club Penguin Bans and the reasons for them.


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Drugs are a total no-no.


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I can't decide whether Club Penguin bans are hilarious because whatever terrible things are being said tend to be coming from a brightly-coloured cartoon bird, or because that bird is being puppeteered by some kid.


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So long, then, Club Penguin. Long after the bits and bytes have bleeped their last, your universe will live on in these moments.


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