Uh Oh, Zenyatta Got Hot

By Kate Gray on at

Overwatch support hero Zenyatta is a babe, let's be honest, but apparently not everyone was thinking seriously about doing dirty things to the precious robot boy until he got a face in the recent Chinese New Year update.

I see how it is. You don't want to make out with robots unless they have mouths, huh? Zenyatta would be disappointed in how close-minded you are.

ANYWAY. People are now incredibly thirsty for the robo-monk's new look, calling it "entirely too handsome":

While others are furious because, dammit, ZENYATTA WAS ALREADY SMOKIN':

It seems like every time the heroes get new skins, there's always a competition amongst the fans to decide which one they want to give it to first. Remember Halloween Mercy? Oh yeah. I sure do. And then there was Elf Tracer, who had very nice stockings but also still sounded like, well, like Tracer.

Is Zenyatta's new skin hot? Only you can decide.