Mobile Game Updates to Protest Trump's Immigration Ban

By Kate Gray on at

It's easy to dismiss video games as toys. They're just things we play to take our mind off more important matters, right?

Or perhaps they're one of the most important social tools we have available to us.

Incredibly popular mobile games Two Dots and Dots & Co have just been given an update, which usually would just add levels or fix bugs, but this time it's different. They're both by the same company, US-based Playdots Inc., who used the update to share this important message in response to US President Donald Trump's immigration ban:

As an American company, we value the diversity of our team and our players. We believe America should be a welcoming place, particularly for those most in need, wherever they come from and whatever their religion.

Please join us in standing up for civil rights.

The button at the bottom then redirects players to the donation page for the American Civil Liberties Union, which has been challenging Trump's policies and protecting and defending those who choose to protest.

In a tweet, the CEO of Playdots Inc. stated that the message would be seen by millions:

We may be seeing more action like this in the coming months. There's never been a better reason to keep your games updated.