Kotaku UK Deals: Pokémon Moon, New Super Mario Bros. U, Wind Waker, and More

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It's a Nintendo extravaganza with today's daily deals, and with the Switch on the way all those Wii U games seem to be getting discounted. We have a few good ones for you today.

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Pokemon Moon On 3DS now £28.99 at Simply Games Ltd

It's not as huge a discount as the rest, but if you've yet to get your hands on the new Pokémon game this is a good a time as any.


New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U On Wii U now £14 at Tesco Direct

Get back into the world of 2D Mario games with this little bundle of games, which gives Tall Green Mario some much-needed love.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD On Wii U now £14 at Tesco Direct

If you missed this on the Gamecube, or you just want to enjoy some high definition cartoony graphics while you wait for the next console, this is one you can't do without.

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