Titanfall Twitter Spams Random People Who Tweet They Want New Games

By Heather Alexandra on at

Titanfall’s official Twitter account is taking a rather active approach to their marketing. The account is messaging users who make the smallest mention of wanting to play a new game.

First noted by CMA Productions on Reddit, the Titanfall Twitter is pretty aggressive when it comes to suggesting their game to players looking for a new game to play. Sliding into their mentions, the account keeps suggesting Titanfall 2.

Titanfall 2 is a damn good game but this social media strategy seems more than a little desperate. It’s not the first time that game’s account has made missteps. A few months ago, it took some cheap shots at Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Respawn Entertainment is staffed by many Infinity Ward employees. The developer tweeted out their support for their former peers afterwards.

Other EA produced titles have made faux pas. The official Battlefield account started up the tonedeaf #justWWIthings hashtag, which led to them deleting a handful accounts and issuing an apology.

I love Titanfall 2. It was number one my top ten games of 2016. But maybe we could slow down just a bit, yeah?